Sponsor Your Spouse To Get Visa Of Canada Under Certain Policies

Sponsor Your Spouse To Get Visa Of Canada Under Certain Policies

When it comes to getting married outside Canada, you will need to take your spouse to this country for the living. In such cases, you need to apply for the spouse visa as best option. Your partner will need the visa of Canada to visit here and you can become a sponsor for your partner. There are various kinds of policies that you need to consider to get the visa of Canada for your partner. To sponsor your Spouse, you need to be a citizen of Canada and then you will get the options to sponsor your spouse, dependent child, common law partner, and conjugal partner.

Check the eligibilities to become a sponsor:

When it comes to sponsoring your partner, you have to check and fulfill all the eligibility requirements for it. You must have the citizenship of Canada and must have the age above 18 years. If you are a Canadian citizen but you are living outside Canada, it is very necessary to show your plan of living in Canada after the permanent residency of your partner. You must have enough income using any source to fulfill the basic needs of your dependent child. So these are some of the eligibilities that you need to fulfill to get the spouse visa for Canada for your partner.

If you are fulfilling all these eligibility options, you can proceed to apply for these visas. To apply for these visas, you need to get all the necessary documents according to the policies of the Canadian government. You need to show the documents of both of you and then need to make sure that your relationship is real and you will live with each other after getting the permanent resident.

After getting the sponsorship:

Once you are sponsoring any spouse to become a permanent resident of Canada, you have to support them financially for living there. You have to live with your spouse for at least two years in a relationship after becoming the permanent resident of Canada. If you are coming to Canada through any spouse sponsorship, you will not be able to sponsor any spouse for next five years. So these are some of the policies of the Canadian government for people who are applying for the spouse sponsorship.

When it comes to applying for the family spouse immigration, you need to check all the documents carefully and need to apply for the visa of your spouse under this Canadian visa category. Then you have to wait for the approval of Canadian government for this spouse visa. After approval, you can take your spouse to Canada as a permanent resident and can live together in this country. If you are doing any full-time study course in Canada, your spouse can work here. After becoming the permanent citizen of Canada, your spouse will find the various rights of Canadian citizens and he or she can live here, study here and work here. So with this complete process, you can easily apply and get the spouse visa for your partner.

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