Some Of The Best Spots For A Children’s Party

Some Of The Best Spots For A Children’s Party

Parents know that one of the key factors to successful parties for kids is to have a great venue to host the event at. Traditionally childrens parties are held at open parks or in a house but these days, more and more avenues and establishments are opening up to cater as a party event location as well. Here are the top 5 picks:

Making Your Child Feel Like A Bowling Star

For a pleasurable and memorable party, why not have it in an American style bowing alley? There are 3 such avenues around London and each has its own private bowling alley and party room. Built to suit private functions, kids as young as 4 can enter for a one of a kind experience for their birthday party.

Naturally, the establishment also serves American style comfort food like burgers and fries, along with brownies and loads of soda. Not only will this be a welcome to the kids at the party, you will also be the talk of the town for being such a cool parent!

Have Them Pet Some Furry Animals

Children love cute, cuddly critters and that is why having a childrens birthday party at the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo can be a fantastic party idea. There are tours available for the children who all get to go up close and personal with the animals at the zoo. There are also plenty of opportunities for them to learn about the animals and they can also be involved with the preparation of the animal’s lunches.

Being A Pirate Can Be Fun

Nothing screams ‘cool!’ more than having a party for little ones that is on board a pirate ship! The children will be invited to put on mini pirate hats and together they can participate in treasure hunts and listen to dramatic retellings of tales out at sea. The children will then head on to the Dungeon room where they can have a feast and perhaps enjoy some cake there as well. Invitation cards to guests are handed out in the form of scrolls to simulate the experience even more.

Sleepovers And Toys!

Every child loves playing with toys so why not have a sleepover party at the Hamleys, which is one of the world’s most famous toy store. There are several themes to choose form where guests can then dress accordingly to the selected them. There are plenty of sweets available for guests and there is no doubt that this will be an experience which the children will remember for all their lives.  

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