Ignoring Compressor Control Could Be Dangerous

Ignoring Compressor Control Could Be Dangerous

Like many machines in factories and production environments, air compressors controls are often ignored. However, industry leaders suggest that this could be a costly and dangerous mistake on the part of company owners.

The reason behind the warning comes from research which shows that operating costs for a standard machine tend to equate to some 7/8hp of electricity needed to produce just 1hp of air.

This high energy cost, the industry leaders suggest, is one which is often overlooked and could be costing significantly more than the machine should take to operate.

Atlas Copco were one of the companies to offer the warnings, saying “It’s false economy. My advice for manufacturers is to monitor exactly how much air they actually need, and be aware of their energy consumption used to run their compressed air system. The cost of the electricity used to run a compressor can add up to 70% of the total cost of running a compressor. Manufacturers should be aware, however, that there are numerous energy management systems available, all designed to reduce energy consumption in many different ways, including heat recovery systems, compressor control systems, which can control up 30 compressors, plus air and energy audits. “

The suggestion from those offering the warnings is that instead of simply allowing their machine to work on an ongoing basis, they should perform a survey assessing their air management requirements, timings and amount needed. They should then consider carefully whether they are really using, and needing to use their machine on a regular basis or whether it can simply be introduced at certain times of the day or certain times of the manufacturing process.

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